Always Choose LOVE Over Fear

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  • Hey, good morning, my friends. Please remember that no matter what, it is truly good.

    I woke up tired in Chicago this morning. Not because I was on fire writing my book all night. Not because I found incredible fun out in the streets of Chi-town... I learned of unfortunate circumstances around someone who's been struggling with life for a while and that kept me awake, in an effort to receive insight on how I could be a catalyst for his healing. 

    There's an ache in my heart, in my soul, for those who are unable to tap into self-love, self-forgiveness, as well as their own personal power and individual will. As I look back over my own dynamic past over more that ten years with its beautiful lessons in these areas, I'm compelled to release the armor for others who are struggling. This armor for battling life's trials, is surely LOVE, but is painful to receive, no matter who gives it. Yet often, for this type of message to find its way in, the receiver has to either be seeking or willing to crack the door to their very soul. Normally, it's a relationship that warrants this, or some form of respect for the giver. A respect that's mutual works best, of course. You don't just rush in to tear down and disrupt someone's carefully constructed walls. They've been built for safety and protection. Because of hurt. Years and years of it. GOD bless...
    The answer, my friend, is LOVE. πŸ’žIT'S ALWAYS LOVE.πŸ’ž Yet ... how? Today I fling off the seeming urgency to respond. I seek GOD. And sit in a space of KNOWING, fully allowing its sweetness to kiss me all over. All morning long. Yes, instead of writing. Instead of eating. Instead of running. And all else. I sit and wait to discover the truth that LOVE will absolutely reveal... Because I am seeking AND believing, the answer will surely come. 

    And, when it comes, ACTION is required. I am ever more determined to give ALL that will be given to me... to my friend. And to the world. 😘 Aaaaand with that, I can now enjoy my day.πŸ’ͺ🏿 #IfICanYouCan 

    How are YOU allowing your moments of breakthru? Please share with those who will be strengthened by you. ❀ I welcome you to visit me at Blessings to you. πŸ’ž

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