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I hope your visit to our website is a total experience that you feel throughout your entire being. What could I possibly mean? You’re simply visiting a website to get information, right? Listen, my friend, your planned existence on this earth is for a wholly unique and very much needed purpose. Within this site, you can discover everything you need to catapult you into your destiny… into everything you have ever hoped and dreamed for yourself.

...Into who you are BECOMING.

At QE3 we believe you deserve a total soulful experience. One that involves the mind, body, spirit and emotions and brings you into higher elevations. One that yields a fuller awareness, with more perspectives with which to understand other beings within the world. We believe in strengthening each distinctive and fully interconnected component of your essence, for ultimate harmony, balance and joy

DO one thing today. Search within these pages for the thing that ensures you of reaching your destiny with heightened awareness and increased abilities to accomplish whatever will surely be demanded of you there. Step into a partnership with QE3 to reach your dreams!

Do ONE THING today. Discover a retreat, transformational coaching, a speaking or impact event or any other QE3 experience, designed with your full essence in mind. Thru it, you connect with us to realize entertaining, engaging & uplifting personal and professional development that dynamically improves, renews and transforms YOU, with results in every area of your life.

Do one thing TODAY. Act now to arrive at ambitions beyond anything you ever dreamed. Find the HOW that will guide you all along your journey with heightened knowledge, confidence, and increased abilities to accomplish your life's work.

My friend, it is no coincidence you are here. QE3 will be more than intentional in co-creating with you, to be sure that you arrive, in grand style, into who and what you are DESTINED to become.


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Our goal is to impact, motivate, and inspire you in a way that helps to transform your life!

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QE3 Rebirth Retreat

Just as the phoenix bird associated with the spirit of QE3 goes thru the fire, regenerates itself and arises stronger from ashes to establish a new life, likewise The QE3 Rebi…


Barbara Clarke

Renee Hutcherson Lucier’s book, YOU Created This Obstacle, is a dynamic life-altering experience! She writes from her own real-life situations that she encountered during one of the most difficult times in her career. Renee’s ability to provide real-life coaching advice in her book has helped many of her clients come through complex life issues that led them to overcoming stumbling blocks and healing.

The 2017 2nd Annual QE3 Synergies Holiday Gala Extravaganza was a most enjoyable event! Attendees were dressed in lovely holiday fashions, the food was delectable and the music was “Banging!” Vendors were onsite selling various products and wares. “We partied like Rock Stars!” The event recognized women who had overcome obstacles and were supportive of the QE3 Synergies mission. The night culminated with several giveaways that delighted winners with monetary certificates – great gifts for Christmas shopping!

Stacey Covington-Lee

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Renee Hutcherson Lucier both personally and professionally for many years. As a writer, I was honored when Renee’s company, QE3 Synergies, stepped forward to plan and execute the book release party for my fifth novel, When Love Ain’t Enough. The venue was the perfect intimate setting, and the catered food was amazing. QE3 Synergies Synergies ensured that my target audience was there in abundance. No stone was left unturned and the event was a smashing success.

Knowing how well organized and successful the events for QE3 Synergies are, I was honored when invited to speak at the I’m Loving Me First! Women’s Empowerment Conference in February of 2017. The event was nothing less than phenomenal! It touched the hearts of all who attended and it is my hope that because of its impact, we all will be blessed with this event in the future.

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