Are YOU Walking in Your Own Shadow? Get out of your way... CELEBRATE YOU! #IfICanYouCan

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Release your gifts! Have your own party of ONE today! Celebrate the accomplishments you make every single day! You are perfecting your very special gifts & talents in each moment. THAT is to be applauded, my friend. 💓

Are you walking in your own shadow? You are if you aren't being intent on releasing your essence, glory and power in each moment. And why? Don't you know that you're MORE fabulous today than you ever have been before? YES YOU ARE, my friend! Get OUT of your way! BELIEVE in your PHABULOUSNESSSS, my friend! Strut your stuff!

* TODAY, you arose in the triumph of the accomplishments of yesterday!
* TODAY, you have within your being more perfect skills, tools and talents than yesterday!
* TODAY, you have before you the knowing of who you are, what you will pursue and that you will take hold of ALL you seek!

... Right? RIGHT? YAAASSS! You better CELEBRATE! Right now, run, jump, dance and holler! Celebrate YOU. Defeating, slaying. Cherishing, OWNING.

1. WALK in the gifts you are perfecting.
2. Embrace releasing your essence (ESPECIALLY IF there's a small area you feel is lacking within).
3. JUMP! Even if you don't soar AT FIRST, know that you're becoming stronger and stronger.
4. DO take advantage of little pick-me-ups (tea, a run, a bath, shoes!) after moments of hurt, disappointment, failure [💋I LOVE failure!😍 Well talk more about this soon!⚘]
5. SEIZE your moment! Right now today this moment is yours. Take it; it won't last... But squeeze every ounce of goodness out of each second you have! Lol!

My friend, the world needs your very wonderful goodness, your essence. Believe that what you have is very special, very much needed and very precious. Step out and give. JUMP. Someone is waiting for YOU. Remember, #IfICanYouCan! I love you dearly! 💗

Connect with me! I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas of what you would like me to share. I'll see you again soon.

In Quintessence...
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