I See You! I Ran Too... From My Hurt, Pain, Failure, Anxiety, Fear. STOP RUNNING.

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Through this journey of life, we often come up against very hurtful circumstances, painful relationships, devastating failures, traumatic life events, etc. Occasionally the pain we experience, or anticipate, is totally unbearable, blocks our view of finding meaning thru our encounters and throws us off our path forward... Many of us, myself especially included, CHOOSE to avoid pain in all forms. We run.  

In choosing to run, we initially find that this choice seems to meet our need to be safe! We begin choosing it again and again until RUNNING (i.e. avoiding, hiding, escaping) becomes our mode of operating. It's evident today in finding more and more people using vices like indiscriminate sex (like I did), alcohol, drugs, gambling, addictive habits of gaming and thru even more vehicles available in our technological time. 

STOP. I can tell you the high I experienced from years of using an escape route only lasted for a short time. It was fleeting. And left me more and more void of the being in my core I knew I could be, the who I really was somewhere deep inside. I couldn't ever make my pain go away. Ever. In moments of me being brutally honest and open, I became aware of being filled with fear. And began to understand that THIS was why I ran. 

Once I grew tired of this chase… (I mean, I was running and IT (my fear) was chasing me but I was the one dog-tired and run down-  EV’RY DAY – ‘cause IT was winning.).  Once I became completely exhausted and totally empty from playing this game, I decided to release the essence of my authentic being NO MATTER WHAT the circumstances, feared outcome or recipient! <--- that="" my="" friend="" nbsp="" was="" the="" beginning="" feet="" hit="" bottom="" in="" deepest="" ocean="" em="">of my life and I pushed like HEAVEN to get to the top and breathe! My life today shines brilliantly because of the lessons I learned thru what I experienced as the most difficult time of my life, AFTER I stopped running. AFTER I chose to stop avoiding and escaping my fear and decided to finally take life straight on the chin ...

And you know what? I actually did have the strength, the fortitude and the unbelievable internal POWER to win… The meek one in the family, the one whose Auntee Mary Ola nicknamed Mama Shame Shame in my infancy because of being intimidated at LIFE, the one who cried because of a LOOK growing up, the woman who ran from anything and everything. Yeah, ME! I gave up running, escaping, hiding and avoiding… I now in gratitude face all that is before me! Because I understand it comes to strengthen me and teach me and grow me. And because I know I AM AN EXPERT HANDLER OF WHATEVER COMES MY WAY! I AM MAXIMIZED POWER PERSONIFIED! …and so are YOU.

Won't YOU join me? Won’t you decide to release the essence of your authentic being NO MATTER WHAT the circumstances, outcome or recipient? Say YES! You really do have what it takes. You really can push thru, kick like heaven and rise to find your breath again. You really can become stronger and even build resiliency to weather LIFE as it happens… YOU REALLY CAN. Free your essence today. We ALL need it. Because I'm sure it, like mine, is all about LOVE! 

I talk more on this very topic on my YouTube channel! Go to @QE3Inspire and look for the title “I See You!” or any of the other videos there. Let me hear from you! I would for you to share your thoughts, challenges and ways you found to push thru and overcome. Remember, you can do this! Let me know how I can be of help. #IfICanYouCan

In Quintessence...
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