Life Under Construction

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Tiffiny & I got a little silly before my workout today. It helps me to work out the willies during my times of crazy. Do you get those? Willies? Just a burst of frustration that needs to be released! Even though I settled on a black & white frame for this picture, I wanted something more hazy to remind me of the fun moment we created in the midst of all the chaos going on in the background. 🙄

I moved households. And although we moved into our dream home, 😍 it's currently being renovated to be exactly what we want. Okay, I definitely want the outcome.💃🏿 But the process 🤯 is CRAZY. I often work from my home office, where it's now nonstop distractions, noise, chaos & people, from 7a till 7p.😱 There are strangers in my home, in my space. ALL. DAY.🙈🙉🙊 For another 3 months.😶 So how do I focus on the outcome to get thru all of this? 🤔 (Will I make it thru?😑) Actually we're ALL going thru construction! In some area of our personal life, professional life, or physical spaces. As human beings, we go thru change often! And usually, it's not because we seek to. 

I've dealt with major life challenges and professional & personal change by injecting bouce-ability. I have a process! Some people talk about incorporating gratitude. Well, for me, it's MUCH more than that.

Quintessence Work:

* 5 mins of gratitude (include visualization & emotions)

* 5 mins of positive self-talk (what went well yesterday, what WILL go well today, etc)
* 5 mins of spiraling (looking from the you are to where you WILL go; include visualizations & emotions)
* 5 mins of affirmations (I use a guide to personalize them to what specifically drives ME) 

Is YOUR life under construction? How are you moving THRU? Let me hear from you! First, monitor how you're accepting & dealing with the changes in your life. Then, use the tools listed to position yourself to live ABOVE the chaos. 

I have more techniques & strategies for quintessence living that I'll be posting on YouTube & LinkedIn @QE3Inspire. On the website, you can get a free e-book to help you unleash your superpower & fight back! 
Come get your free e-book guide today.❤

In Quintessence...
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