The Heartaches That Come...

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  • May I give you some sugah love today, my friend? 

    Stop fighting the stuff that blows your way in life.
    Embrace it, in fact, lean in and accept whatever comes. 
    KNOW you're on the right path. 
    Trust what you believe. 
    Look for the lesson. They come in mysterious ways 
    Assess your beliefs, apply the lesson, then act in faith.

    I remember thinking it would take FOREVER to grow up! All the grown ups in my life seemed to have so much fun! I expressed this to my very wise father, who told me to sip grape juice from the cup I was given... In other words, enjoy life right where I was. He told me one day I'd blink and I'd see just how fun life was on the other side where I used to be. Daddy was so wise.

    Today I see the fun, carelessness and freedom that little girl was able to enjoy. I also see every single obstacle, the challenges I swore were detours, preventing me from living the life of my dreams. Each derailment that came brought tears and agony. It broke my heart to waste time, effort and sometimes money, getting back to my feet. As the second child of four, I can tell you I hated learning hard lessons. I was pretty obedient and only hoped to one day be a real grown up, a CEO who was a nurse and a teacher.

    Being on this side of fifty I completely see that the obstacles that agonized that little girl did not come to waste my time, energy and resources at all. They didn't come because I had done anything wrong or because I had failed. Those ideas are FAR from the truth! Today I know every experience I faced ~every single one~ came to teach, equip, test OR provide a detour because (don't miss this!) I had strayed from the path for which my life was purposed.

    To ensure I achieved the deepest, most precious desire in my own heart, my GOD, The Universe, my ABBA had allowed exactly what was needed to disrupt my thoughts, the trajectory of my body, the intentions of my heart ~my entire being~ with a lesson, an assignment, a trial or a complete disruption to my life as I saw it. And if I missed it and bouldered my way thru it, HE allowed another. And another. Until I found my way back to the path that was just for me and onward on my journey. More at❤

In Quintessence...
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