Vibrating At The Frequency of Gratefulness

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To equip you for rough times (which, possibly may come), how do you release the dynamic essence of gratitude each day?

Today, there is so much available to us. Here in America, more than half of us have easy access to what the rest of world refers to as the basics – water, food, shelter and clothing, as well as what we Americans would insist should also be included - adequate sanitary conditions, utilities, education and access to healthcare. There are many here whose resources are substantially greater than even these wants. We certainly have much to be thankful for… Yet, are we? It is well understood that expressing appreciation for gifts we have in our life not only increases our mental, emotional and spiritual disposition but dramatically improves our physical health, as well. When we utilize the principle of associating thanksgiving for every life experience and connect the emotion of happiness to it, we are in a sense building up an internal immune system that will help us bounce back from future negative events that could occur. I mean, we all have had to deal with a missed opportunity or some sort of disappointment a time or two. Everything that happens to us, good and especially bad, has tremendous learning potential from which we can spring forward (and upward) toward better opportunities for success.

In some circles, gratitude is said to be an attitude, an approach, an action. It is the manner in which you handle your business, the outlook you have regarding life, the feeling, thought and posture by which you relate to the people with which you share community… and the world about you. From the circle of wisdom by which I draw nectar, the essence and the meaning of life, I learned to show gratitude as a way of expressing I am pleased, content and appreciative for ALL that has been given to me by way of sacrifice. It is important to note that everything we have and have access to is, was and is being sacrificially given by GOD, another person and/or group of persons, whether we know them and can trace their hand or not. The savant guides placed within my sphere advocated a genuine transmission of this essence by meditating daily on the concept of indebtedness. This is the belief of owing the generations forward considerably because of what has been bestowed by GOD thru the generations behind, as well as those shaping your current existence. Quite a different philosophy I know than the one of deserving what has been given and being entitled to what you want that is so pervasive in our society today. And before you allow the consideration that I refer to some specific underprivileged group, “the disadvantaged” or whomever else (outside of yourself that) you may feel fitting of this label, my hope is that you heartfully look deeply within and realize we ALL possess an attitude of having an inherent right to the things we want. The problem is when this attitude becomes an approach to life; a manner you utilize in relating to problems, work or even other people; and a feeling which prevents you from having a regard for your fellow world citizens in a way that keeps you connected, without passing judgment or harboring criticism.

I ask that you, my dear friend, fling wide the window of humanity, becoming acutely aware of ALL that has been sacrificed for YOU. I implore that you then acknowledge ALL that you enjoy that was not given up for you directly. I pray that you also enable a sensation of awkwardness, of discomfort, shall I say, to consider those moments of pain (each and every one of them) and ALL that has been gained from them… and become so incredibly appreciative that you lose yourself in your SELF, becoming overly filled with the sensation of joy, delight, appreciation, relief, happiness, etc... You may ask why this practice is relevant to becoming more mindful (the practice of being present in each moment to find more joy, release more personal power, improve your overall health and more). The answer, my friend, lies in those jewels passed to me from the precious elders I mentioned who made sure they instilled precious tenets within my being that would, when unearthed by the mountains and valleys I travelled all along my life journey, shine more brilliantly than ever because of the intensity of the reciprocating treasure they emanate …

When you live a life sowing seeds of heartfelt gratitude,

It’s as if a canvas is filled with a brightly-colored, breathtaking work of art

It’s a gift that blesses and is magnified in the souls of all who gaze upon you

Filling your being, overflowing to others, ever increasing in joy …



And so, I ask again, are you truly grateful?


In Quintessence...
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