Yeah, It's A Pandemic... But What Can I Choose, Seek and Do?

Well, my friend… It’s Saturday, March 14, 2020. We’ve had weeks of predominant rain and overcast skies filled with clouds, but today in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s absolutely beautiful, with a brilliant winter sun and mild pre-spring temperatures.

Finally moving about my community joyously running the typical household errands, after high-fiving my reclusive nature to remain inside the locked doors of my home over the past week — not because of the incessant rain, but because of this infectious plague that’s now gripping the entire Earth — I’m in utter shock, disgust, rage and dismay, as I’m sure sooo many others are as well. The “leader of the free world’s” sluggish response to face, address and prepare to effectively fight what’s clearly been making its way to us all along is, in a word (although many come to mind), pathetic.

Since the time of 9/11, I distinctly remember foreboding and warnings telling of doom and devastation coming to the United States in the form of pandemic disease. I read a good number of articles detailing how this could possibly be the very thing to devastate the entire nation. In fact, quite a few movies were created to capitalize off of this hype. Remember, 'Pacific Liner,' 'Contagion,' 'Children of Men?' Well, they actually might be worth a look, but Hollywood jumped on that moving train (sometimes, to the point of overkill). Apparently, these warnings were only meant to provide fodder for entertainment. Or else, why are our medical experts, healthcare corporations and federal government lagging woefully behind flattening this insidious curve?

The entire world has been hit with an infectious tsunami-like wave of what the World Health Organization is calling COVID-19, the newest strain of coronaviruses in the large family of respiratory infections. Last December, while the rest of the world went about business as usual, the citizens of Wuhan, China were fighting for their very lives. Under the hush of their communist regime, this virus (which is believed to have been first infected in wild animals) crossed into the flesh of human beings and began propagating like a bacterial kudzu on supersteroids.

Before the world would ever receive notice, one incredible angel, Dr. Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, attempted to notify his colleagues of a SARS-like illness taking hold of the area. In several social media posts, Dr. Wenliang included reports of previous SARS epidemics, specific medical details of current symptoms, its apparent growth and outcomes (including news that seven people had contracted the virus and one person was being quarantined at his hospital). Instead of the hero’s welcome that should’ve been directed his way, Dr. Wenliang was issued a summons for “fanning rumors” and eventually jailed! After signing paperwork that he had committed “illegal acts,” Dr. Wenliang was finally released on Jan 3rd and allowed to return to attending patients affected with the coronavirus. On Jan 10th, Dr. Wenliang began to cough. The next day, he became feverish. And on Jan 12th, this angel was admitted to the hospital because he was having a hard time breathing and moving around. Tests for the virus taken upon his admittance to the hospital initially came back negative. Later, Dr. Wenliang, an early siren who warned his colleagues of the virus’ dangerous spread and encouraged them to take care of themselves, was himself infected by the coronavirus and died. He was only 33 years old.

Today more than 80,000 people have been infected throughout China. Yet, we know the disease wasn’t contained there. An urgent warning cry was eventually released into the world, which wasn’t prepared to act. Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, France and now the US are totally consumed with new cases of infection. In only three months, we are now in a pandemic outbreak, with every country around the world reporting hordes of cases. The total number affected are more than 174,000. This number is growing and is estimated to dramatically rise every hour; likely, so will the deaths. Each country’s economic system is in total panic mode, as dramatic disruptions to services, production, supply chains (both supply AND demand), operations, as well as the interactions of everyday life are affected! With no vaccine in sight, all of this is truly devastating to watch. I’m curious about the culpability that China will eventually bear for their actions… and inactions.

And yet, it’s not all doom and gloom. NO, it's not. There’s more than silver in the lining today. In fact, just as our predecessors dealt with pandemics, economic uncertainty and the unknown and somehow found their way, so shall we! In times like these, in order to not lose touch with our humanity, sanity and resilience, we must hunker down to find all there is to be grateful for. We must have a focus that’s soberly on reality but allows a bit of that silver lining to come thru. Our gratitude lists should encompass the great and, especially, the small! Our purpose as human beings, as men, women and other, as Christians and many peoples of faith, as citizens and as who GOD created us to be is defined in times just like these. We must come together in love to see our way thru. I feel moments like these drive the overarching purpose for human life.

Today we’re at a crucial time in our lives as Americans, as human beings, as world citizens, as believers… when pestilence is ravaging the world — when chaos & fear is disrupting the usual bumpy ride found in our capitalistic economic system — and the needs of men, women & families all over the world is sooo great.

Stand on your faith and don’t fall into fear. Stand on the FACT that GOD has brought all of us – YOU – thru so much, already… Looking back over history, the future success of many individuals was determined by the actions they took in times just like these. So really, what we’re experiencing isn’t totally bad, please know that IT NEVER IS — it’s just life, sugah, as my Daddy would say. But, my friend, really…

HOW will YOU position yourself to move thru this & soar?

My suggestion to you is simple: See what’s happening before you. Really see it! Divorce yourself from all negative emotions and fear. Don’t assign the label of “bad” or “good” to what happens. This prevents your being able to truly see what’s promising, what’s opportunistic, what’s beneficial, what’s needed. This could also prevent you from separating UNtruths and seeing possible detriment. Seek understanding of what’s happening or NOT happening, what COULD be or SHOULDN’T be happening. Train your eye to see all that is unfolding. Take ahold of opportunities that WILL arise… but let me state the obvious – ALWAYS TAKE THE HIGH ROAD.

BUT DON’T GET STUCK IN ANY MODE. Be ready to accept that things WILL shift. Make that shift at the appropriate time. The future is yours to command by what you DO today.

Take heed of my words, my friend.

The future you create is brought about by you CHOOSING to be resilient, SEEKING every opportunity that will bring about what you desire and TAKING action … today.

First, DECIDE that you will overcome this. It’s a simple decision. Then set your jaw and consistently seek the opportunities you desire. When you see one, move into action DOING what is needed to bring about your desired outcome. CHOOSE, SEEK AND DO! This is how you STEP INTO YOUR PROMISE. I believe in you. I know you can do it. #IfICanYouCan

Back in 1938, there was a pretty popular movie out about a pandemic breakout that actually won an Oscar. It was called ‘That Mother’s Might Live.’ In the movie, a Hungarian doctor saved millions of people all over the world by impressing upon others his newly-discovered, groundbreaking scientific remedy. After disease broke out all over the world and killed a countless number of people, this doctor shared his discovery… of washing your hands. All laughing aside, washing your hands is truly an action we should all take to save millions of lives today.

DECIDE – Choose to be resilient.

SEEK – Consistently look for appropriate moments in which to activate your rebound.

DO – Take action to bring about  the result you desire.

Position yourself to get thru this current pandemic. Instead of succombing to fear and hysteria, ask what CAN I do. Look for the positives in the current circumstance. Practice social distancing. Protect those who are vulnerable from getting infected. Wash your hands often. Refrain from touching. Sanitize areas often that are touched frequently, including your cell phone. Choose to make it thru this downturn successfully. Determine what makes for ideal opportunistic moments. Do what is needed at the appropriate times to establish your rebound.

Again, instead of buying into the negativity, hysteria and fear, I encourage you to embrace what you DO have control of. Make a list. Establish what you CAN do. CHOOSE to rebound from the current crises. Consistently LOOK for opportunities to take the appropriate action to bring about what you desire. ACT on what is needed to bring about the results you want. The brightness of your future is truly up to what you DO to bring it about today.

Choose, Seek and Do.


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