Your Struggle Is There To Teach You

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  • Find a way, my friend, to enthusiastically accept whatever comes in life! In fact, welcome it all with open arms. I'm talking, the good and the ugly. Appreciate that with ALL things there's a benefit and a drawback, as well as a valuable lesson. 
    IF there's a bit of dissatisfaction within you about what you're facing, take it as your indicator to manifest change. Assess the situation. Ask HOW to determine the best way to bring about the better outcome. (Ask me about the treasure of asking questions!) Then get busy. But make sure you learn every lesson that the discomfort that came to you was meant for. 

    Here's a precious moment I shared recently with my great-nephews while in Olympia. These two are even more precious to me after finding the strength to endure more than 10 years of devastating hardship and struggle. I almost didn't meet these two beautiful little people. I almost gave up. I almost ended a life that was filled with excruciating pain. 

    Until one day I gave in to all that pain and received fully everything it came to teach me. THAT was the day I was given a precious opportunity to live more fully than I ever had before. And, trust me, every since that moment, I make sure I do. 
    How can you appreciate what's next if you don't cherish what's already there? Embrace your moments, no matter what comes, my friend. The lesson, brought about especially for your growth, is right there. 💞

    What is struggle attempting to teach YOU? Please share. Sharing my experiences may have helped you. (For more, follow my blog at Your words will benefit someone else with encouragement, strength, community (that they're not alone) and the confidence to keep living. This is a safe community. Please share, my friend. I humbly thank you. 🤗❤ #IfICanYouCan #PushTHRU

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