Renee Hutcherson Lucier’s book, Get Up, Get Out, Get Going!, is a dynamic life-altering experience! She writes from her own real-life situation that she encountered during one of the most difficult times in her life. Renee’s ability to provide real-life coaching advice within the pages of her book has helped many of us come through complex life issues that helped us empower ourselves, overcome stumbling blocks and find healing.

The Annual QE3 Synergies Holiday Gala Extravaganza is a most enjoyable event! Attendees come dressed in lovely holiday fashions, the food is beyond delectable and the music is absolutely “banging!” There are also vendors onsite selling incredible items. We party like "Rock Stars!” This phenomenal event even recognizes women who have overcome obstacles and who support the QE3 Synergies mission. Everyone in attendance participates in helping those in need. It's a tremendous heart warmer to be a part of something so beautiful! The night culminates with giveaways for five deserving women and delights them with coaching, clothing and monetary certificates – great Christmas gifts for us all!

- Barbara Clarke
Writer and Senior Editor
Triune Resources

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Renee Hutcherson Lucier both personally and professionally for many years. As a writer, I was honored when Renee’s company, QE3 Synergies, stepped forward to plan and execute the book release party for my fifth novel, When Love Ain’t Enough. The venue was the perfect intimate setting, and the catered food was amazing. QE3 Synergies ensured that my target audience was there in abundance and delighted them with incredible giveaways. No stone was left unturned and the event was a smashing success!

Knowing how well organized and successful the events for QE3 Synergies are, I was honored when invited to speak at The I’m Loving Me First! Women’s Empowerment Conference. The event was nothing less than phenomenal! It touched the hearts of all who attended and it is my hope that, because of its impact, we all will be blessed with this event for many years in the future.

- Stacey Covington-Lee

I attended The Annual QE3 Synergies Holiday Gala Extravaganza...

Words cannot express the feeling of monumental joy … when we all witnessed the transformation of women take on the statement, "I am Woman, Hear Me Roar!"  To hear their stories of defeat turn into triumph was more than the heart could bear!  Such dynamic work that QE3 Synergies is doing!  Can't wait to see what's on the horizon!   

- Dr. Sherry C. Adams
Founder and Principal
Sherry Adams Preparatory Academy

It is my pleasure to say how marvelous and awesome GOD is to bring Renee Hutcherson Lucier and QE3 Synergies into my life. The I’m Loving Me First! ladies event was extravagant, had perfect timing with its message: to love yourself fully . It is a very much-needed message for all women in this lifetime.

Another event, The Annual QE3 Synergies Holiday Gala Extravaganza, was also awesome! It allowed so many people to connect on an incredible level, while at the same time providing a charitable benefit to five ladies -and- allowed us to better understand the mission of QE3 Synergies. I will be pursuing coaching with QE3 because of all they represent.

Thank you for loving on us, Renee!

- Ms. Judith J Eudovique

My experience attending one of The Annual QE3 Synergies Holiday Gala Extravaganza was unforgettable! The empowering messages spoken & energy this event emitted into my life will live with me forever! Renee’s dedication to Self-Love, Self-Development, Emotional Intelligence & helping others utilize their gifts has created a major catalyst for growth in me. I was so excited to begin my coaching with QE3 this year.

I would recommend this to everyone… Truly an invaluable experience!

- Jada Perdum

When I first met Renee, I met a woman of kindness, style and grace. The first event I attended, organized by Renee Hutcherson Lucier, was a Christmas & Book Signing party...a wonderful event that was very empowering for women. That was my first time hearing Renee’s story. Hers was not a story of pity, but of encouragement, faith, dreams, and a vision.

I am always excited to attend QE3 Synergies’ events! I have attended the I’m Loving Me First! ladies’ events, several other speaking events and The Kentucky Derby BBQ & Blues event.  They are always filled with life learning tools, plans of action, encouragement, faith, energy, laughter, wonderful food, great prizes, sisterhood and lots of fun!

I appreciate the energy of QE3 Synergies & Renee Hutcherson Lucier. It’s been just phenomenally empowering.

- Patricia Grant

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