This highly anticipated guide shifts your entire perspective ~dynamically~ to reveal revitalizing truths that teach you how to finally overcome nagging, misleading and debilitating setbacks instead of allowing them to sap your personal power, skew your focus and cripple your impact in every area of life. As the foundation is laid to bring you into acceptance of the authority you have over your own life, this guide reveals how NO ONE has the ability to loose devastation and chaos hindering your forward progress… but YOU. Thru this enlightening treasure you gain the invaluable insight of a third eye into your circumstances. This awareness allows you to incorporate a more accurate appropriation of your emotions, as well as more corresponding perceptions of your ego into the very situations of your life.

What’s more? Instead of leaving you there, you also discover how to incorporate techniques daily to free yourself from destructive consequences and outcomes. You become better equipped to see repetitive patterns and how they take hold of you. These revelations transcend you to dynamically impact your mind, body, emotions, spirituality, confidence, influence, professional career, business dealings, relationships, parental effectiveness, financial prowess, health & wellness, competence, intimacy, personal development and much more!

You will become fully aware of your unmistakable power and how to use it!

In 2007, Renee was a wife who lived in an ideal suburban home. She was a mother of three elementary schoolers, a Financial Advisor with Smith Barney and was a founding member of a growing spiritual movement within metropolitan Atlanta. Not only did the ensuing Great Recession in 2008 bring trouble and loss to her professionally, at that same time, her sixteen-year marriage fell apart and dramatically escalated her downward spiral into an abyss. Attempting to maintain the family home now as an unemployed sole-supporting parent, Renee experienced the loss of every monetary resource- cash, savings, life insurance, investments and her children’s education accounts. Totally unable to find employment, she lost the wherewithal to pay for daily provisions for herself and her children, as well as their family home of 14 years.

She would have been homeless, impoverished and completely distraught but for the love and support of her father. His support sustained Renee for more than four years, as she battled overwhelming forces against her mental fortitude; her physical, spiritual & emotional wellbeing; her health; her professional career; her faith; her family; her aspirations; her joy; her existence; her hope… During this time, she found herself totally imprisoned and unable to break free, before surrendering and finally coming to terms with what held her bound and who…

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