The Get Up, Get Out, Get Going! Core Values Discovery eBook

The Get Up, Get Out, Get Going! Core Values Discovery eBook  How To Find Your Top Core Values & Guiding Principles (With A BONUS Mindfulness Exercise)Thi

The Get Up, Get Out, Get Going! Core Values Discovery eBook 
How To Find Your Top Core Values & Guiding Principles (With A BONUS Mindfulness Exercise)
This addition to the GUGOGG series is uniquely designed to help you understand the core values driving your thoughts, actions and intentions, which form every decision you make (and the ones you forego making). It helps those who feel a little less fire moving through life to use their discovered guiding principles to get back on track, with intention and fervor, pursuing in life what they consider important and essential. It gives you an exercise to determine the top core values and guiding principles that connect with you and bring meaning to your life, that are at the root of who you are. This powerful eBook brings all the resources together to aid your discovery, gives additional tools and exercises to refuel your inner fire for the next phase of your GUGOGG journey, ~AND~ helps to center and ground you with a powerful mindfulness meditation activity.
Core values determine the world of operatives that influence the thoughts, decisions, intentions, willpower, drives and behaviors behind what you do, why you act the way you do, how you treat others and more. It is true that we all have an exhaustive list of values available to us, but only some of these are in primary position and important enough to drive the outcomes we want for ourselves. Only some of these values form what, how and why you own, define, care and pursue the identity and vision you choose for yourself, in spite of the impending change, trauma, challenges and missed opportunities you face in life. These ideologies influence the work that satisfies all of us, the strategies we choose to employ and the missions which quicken our heart. Because there can be a shift when life events happen, when our lives suddenly lack meaning or we find we’re indecisive in making decisions, we need to go back through this process to rediscover which of our guiding principles bring us meaning and direction. 
This phenomenal resource is a companion in the Get Up, Get Out, Get Going :: Deliver Yourself From Devastation series by Renee Hutcherson Lucier (who is a Keynote Speaker, Certified Master Coach and International Bestselling Author). “Get Up, Get Out, Get Going" is Renee's latest series that bulldozes your auto-responses regarding life challenges, adversity and recurring obstacles. In her guide book, workbook and upcoming planner journal, mindfulness meditation strategies (audio & book), webinar & online course, she addresses the limiting mindset, negative perspective, destructive self-talk, dysfunctional belief system, toxic behaviors, emotional blocks and more. Renee shares her story and gives exercises, personal development tools, strategies, coaching insights and other resources to bolster your resilience using an approach that affects your mind, body, emotions, willpower and spirit.
Renee Hutcherson Lucier, CMC
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