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QE3 Synergies provides impact events that engage, inspire and entertain while delivering each of your stated goals, as well as an emotional awe that stays with your audience and compels them into action. Partner with us to achieve the objectives you know will position you... well. Partner with us to pursue your every hope ~ and then some. Partner with us to ignite a resounding "wow" with the people you hope most to impact. Partner with us to build, launch and strengthen your brand in a way that resonates throughout the mind, body, emotions, Spirit and intentions of everybody with a pulse.  

The aim of QE3 Synergies is to connect, engage, inspire, equip, transform and delight each person in attendance. Our charge is to take you deep within the recesses of your Whole Being to awaken, ignite, equip and catalyze your very Soul. We activate the Whole Being by targeting five distinct areas: the mental; physical; emotional; spiritual; and, within the essence of the will.  We aim to unleash your brilliance so that the epitome of quintessence, which is the highest best “self” which lies within us all, is set free. We at QE3 Synergies believe this consummate you is the very paragon that each of us was created to become. 

So, don't provide an event where everybody has a good time and then goes home. Fulfill the Quest... Create a moment that ignites something within them! Create an event that will drive dramatically different results and bring about higher outcomes for you, your organization and every other stakeholder. Choose QE3 Synergies as your partner and bring about a most phenomenal, engaging "wow" of an experience with residual benefits!

QE3 Synergies partners with you to create bespoke engagements in the form of speeches, conferences, trainings, workshops, resort retreats, team building activities, celebrations, meetings, intensives and fundraisers. But don't let this short list box you in. We create a host of public and private opportunities for individuals, entrepreneurs, book clubs, bible studies, businesses, nonprofits, schools and other organized groups. As with any live experience, we understand how vitally important it is to have the right mix of a great number of elements. Our ultimate goal is not just to fulfill your bottom line initiative but to motivate, impact, uplift hearts, give hope, inspire, transform, speak LIFE and leave each attendee with an emotional connection they are eager to do something with.

Depending on the event,

* We connect into the very human sense of fascination, delight and intrigue;

* We aid in rediscovering unique personal power;

* We lower defenses and barriers so transformation can occur;

* We rebuild and fortify (so they're stronger);

* We encourage engagement and interaction;

* We deliver REAL tangible value (so there's application of learning); and,

* We create increased interest for future endeavors.

QE3 Impact Events

QE3 Synergies is everything you need to ignite, bolster, unleash and guide the desired change!

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