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QE3 provides many different levels and intensities of entertaining, engaging and rewarding professional and personal development impact events that can be readily customized for optimum benefit for executives, students, entrepreneurs, displaced professionals, homemakers, retired persons and dynamic individuals everywhere! Through speeches, conferences, training, workshops, retreats, team building activities, customized meetings, intensives and fundraisers, we create a host of public and private opportunities for businesses, nonprofits, schools and other organized groups.

As with all of our endeavors, the QE3 mission thru our created events is to connect, engage, inspire, equip, transform and partner with you in discovering, bolstering, releasing, achieving and maintaining QUINTESSENCE, the highest best “self” which exists within you and is the very purpose for which you were created! With any live experience, we understand how vitally important it is to have the right mix of a great number of abilities. Our ultimate goal is not just the transfer of information but to motivate, impact, uplift hearts, give hope, inspire, transform, speak LIFE and leave the audience with do-able action steps they cannot wait to use.

With connecting with the audience, we achieve several goals: we lower defenses and barriers (often that have nothing to do with the event); we invite engagement and interaction; we deliver REAL tangible value (i.e. learning); we break thru walls and barriers so transformation can occur; we fortify (rebuild stronger); and, we create increased interest for all your future events.

QE3 Impact Events

QE3 provides everything needed to ignite, bolster, unleash and guide the desired change!

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