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One can usually find someone to adequately transfer information. In fact, if all that was required was knowledge, many schools, universities and corporate training rooms would consistently turn out hundreds of thousands of learned individuals, world scholars and able-bodied expert professionals. But we know, even with the brilliant minds leading instruction within these environments, these hallowed halls are actually full of great challenges to learning. And so, it takes so much more than the sheer transfer of knowledge of a subject for most individuals, regardless of aptitude.

With any live experience, we understand how vitally important it is to have the right mix of a great number of abilities. Our ultimate goal is not just the transfer of information but to motivate, impact, uplift hearts, give hope, inspire, transform, speak LIFE and leave the audience with do-able action steps they are absolutely compelled to use.

With connecting with the audience, we achieve several goals: we lower defenses and barriers (often that have nothing to do with the event); we invite engagement and interaction; we deliver REAL tangible value (i.e. learning); and, we create increased interest in all future events. And please believe, we know how important it is to make you look good. We do that too!

Here is just a taste of audience feedback received after QE3 speaker presentations:

EnergeticCaptivating & EngagingPractical ContentConnects with Audience
InformativeNeeded InformationRelatableApplicable
EmpoweringResponsiveFunnyDemanding a Response
FearlessLowered BarriersInsightfulWorldly Insight
EntertainingOriginalGets to the HeartTransformational

After first obtaining information regarding your objectives, desired outcomes, makeup of the audience, speaker type (i.e. keynote, guest, conference speaker/trainer, multi-day conference speaker/trainer) and other relevant considerations, we will then discuss the event in further detail, communicate our needs and expectations, as well as ensure there is full understanding. When both parties agree to move forward, a contract will be extended. Specifics of the agreement, including requested attire, compensation, deposit, expenses, cancellation, reimbursable items, and other pertinent aspects will be conferred. Because of its importance, the date the signed contract must be received (along with the deposit) will be stated, to be sure the terms of the contract are fulfilled.

A Sample of QE3 Speaker Topics:

Training, workshops, conferences and multi-day speaking events all include workbooks, manuals and possibly other tools for each attendee in order to ensure every chosen concept is comprehended. QE3 will supply these items. In the contract, we will be sure to state exactly what is being provided in the compensation package you select for the event. Please know that promotional items, gift cards and other awards (customized or not) can also be provided at an additional cost.

Contact QE3 today for captivating, entertaining and empowering speeches that will motivate, empower, uplift hearts, give hope, inspire, transform, speak LIFE and leave the audience with do-able action steps and more!

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