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~ the action of starting to flourish or increase after a decline; revival, renaissance, resurrection, reawakening, renewal, regeneration

With our custom regenerative retreat, QE3 Synergies LLC takes you deep within the recesses of your Whole Being to awaken, ignite, equip and pour courage into your very Soul. Our mission is to catalyze the unleashing of your brilliance! And we do this by activating the Whole Being in five distinct areas: the mental; physical; emotional; spiritual; and, the will (which, we believe, is invigorated by a healthy ego). Each retreat workshop has been created to target these very specific elements, using this Five-Prong Approach.  

We use this approach to aid your Whole Being in arriving at Quintessence (QE), the highest best “self” which exists within you and is the very destination goal for your journey on Earth. It's the aim of every experience you have on Earth- to bring you closer into Quintessence! And we use this approach because we fervently believe that it is YOU who has the ability to fuel your transformation, to save yourself, to bust through your own blocks, to push through the adversity in your life, to heal your own wounds, right shift your life and manifest the incredible life you desire for yourself… Our aspiration is to aid you in rediscovering your own power.  So YOU manifest your own breakthrough.

The QE3 Rebirth Retreat   

Just as the phoenix bird associated with the spirit of QE3 goes thru the fire, regenerates itself and arises stronger from ashes to establish a new life, likewise The QE3 Rebirth Retreat will activate the rejuvenation of your Whole Being.  

The QE3 Rebirth Retreat guides you into rediscovering your inner self and throwing off everything that no longer serves your BECOMING. Each part of your Whole Being realigns with your core beliefs, connects you into your unique personal strengths and enables you to redefine what you desire to achieve and how you choose to manifest that desire.  

This retreat is a regenerative experience like none other. Just what is a regenerative retreat?  Our retreats are uniquely designed by a Certified Master Coach to invigorate, revitalize and renew your Whole Being after you've made a life transition (or preparing for one); after you've faced a period of adversity or trauma (whether brief or prolonged); and, after you've discovered your "well" has run dry.

The retreat experience awakens each dynamic component of your Whole Being and calls upon it to declare a holistic approach in claiming a fuller, more energetic, thriving existence for yourself. It begs you to embrace a 'regenerative' mindset ~ one that could never be restored back to what was...  but what evolves to increasing levels what continues to foster vitality, viability and the capacity to grow over time. Regenerative retreats (unlike spa, wellness, spiritual, corporate, detox, adventure and many other types of retreats) institute enriching personal development that builds the capacity for a person's potential promise, the highest capability possible within her, in the fortifying strength of an accepting & safe community.

* It does this by actualizing mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing.

* It encourages you to own each component of your Being as interconnected and relying upon each one for fullness of health, meaning and vitality.

* It aids you in shifting to getting underneath burdens to cultivate passion, meaning and a wholesome sense of "better."

The QE3 Rebirth Retreat is specifically designed to facilitate the renewing, regenerating and thriving of your Whole Being. To bring about YOU empowering your Self and manifesting your own deliverance from whatever ails you... It's brought to you by a truly passionate transformationalist who is dedicated to equipping you to come thru your moment (or season) of fire, as she has. 

The next QE3 Rebirth Retreat is being held on Thursday, June 1st thru Sunday, June 4th, 2023 at the Lantern Lodge Luxury Mountain Retreat in Blairsville, GA. Blairsville is a short two hour trip from the metropolitan Atlanta area and is tucked in the Chattahoochee National Forest and the Blue Ridge Mountains, which makes it full of glorious, breath-taking vistas. The Appalachian Trail also passes thru the area. Blairsville offers an abundance of outdoor recreational activities, such as hiking, horseback riding, golfing, exploring rock formations, wine & moonshine distilleries, antiquing, camping, orchards, as well as, lake activities (such as, boating, jet skiing, whitewater rafting, fishing, paddle boarding and kayaking). Spa boutiques are also located in the area. 

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Your QE3 Rebirth Retreat ticket includes:


QE3 Rebirth Retreat itinerary

Retreat Spa Day 
1pm - 4pm

Check-In & Registration

Orientation & A Tour of Lantern Lodge

Wine & Cheese Reception

3pm - 8pm

THE QE3 PAMPER SPA SESSION: (Available Only on Thursday) to include, as operations & availability allow, the selection of one wellness spa session [i.e. one 50-minute full body massage therapy session, one 50-minute full body massage with aromatherapy, one 50-minute combination body massage with foot reflexology or one 15-minute Reiki Healing session].

(Please be advised: each selection has limited availability; sign up is necessary; minimums for signups must be met; and, the schedule of spa offerings may be subject to change without prior notice.)

6pm - 8pmDINNER
8pm - 9:30pm

QEWORKSHOP I: The I AM of Creation + Whole Being Living forms the foundation for all QE3 Workshops and Coaching Exercises that make up the QE3 retreat. Discussion: Regenerative Devices for Living With Resilience. VIA, MIPI & The Ikigai Coaching Tool allow for exploration of the Whole Being, individual talents and passions.

QEWorkshop I Coaching Exercise: Exploring the Core Values Worksheet, the Ikigai Coaching Tool, the Multidimensional Inventory of Personal Intelligence (MIPI) & the Character Strengths (VIA)

9:30pm - 10pm

Decompression Session to include a Fire Pit Group Activity :: Manifestation Meditation Strategies

6am - 6:45am   Spiritual Awakening: Individual (Optional)
7am - 7:45am   Physical Awakening: Individual (Optional)
8am - 10am     BREAKFAST (working)
8am - 10pm 


QEWorkshop II Coaching Exercise: Fueling Regenerative Self-LOVE

11pm - 1pm    

QEWORKSHOP III: The I AM of My Mind + A Guided Discussion on Failure 

QEWorkshop III Coaching Exercise: Maintaining Healthy Thoughts, Perspective & Self-Talk

12p - 1pm

LUNCH (working) 

1pm - 5pm

Outdoor Excursions & Activities

5pm - 7pm    DINNER
7pm - 10pm Sip & Stroke Paint Party featuring Atlanta local artist, Steven Carrol of Inspirational Designs By Dre
10:30pm - UntilDecompression Session to include a Girl's Pajama Bash featuring tantalizing chef-made desserts, board games, karaoke and other fun activities.
6am - 6:45am Spiritual Awakening: Individual (Optional) 
7am - 7:45am Physical Awakening: Individual (Optional) 
8am - 10am BREAKFAST
10am - 12pm 

QE3 WORKSHOP IV: The I AM of My Spirit and Will

QEWorkshop IV Coaching Exercise: Tolerations & The Secret Recipe To Success

12pm - 4pm 

Outdoor Excursions & Activities

4pm - 5pm Free Time to prepare and dress for The Diva Dinner
5pm - 8pm

The Diva Dinner*: Seven-Course Fine Dining Experience; each course comes complete with wine pairings selected by a Certified Wine Sommelier

[*Feel free to wear Diva Dress Attire (ie. something that makes you feel fabulous as you celebrate life)]

8pm - 9pmAfter Dinner Social Hour
9pm - Until Decompression Session to include A Radical Self-Forgiveness & Self-Affirming Coaching Exercise (at the Fire Pit)
6am - 6:45am Spiritual Awakening: Individual (Optional)
7am - 7:45am 

Physical Awakening: Individual (Optional) 

7am - 9am Sound Bowl Massages: Four 20-minute individual sessions; sign-up required
10am - 10:30am  Sound Bowl Healing Session (Group)
11am - 12pm 


 1pm - 2pmYOGA for Meditation & Relaxation featuring Yogi Lyric with Ohm With Lyric

Check out & Departure ... 

Blessings, hugs & LOVE until our 2024 QE3 retreat! 

 Go to for pricing and to secure your seat! 

*This is tentative Agenda of suggested workshops, activities, excursions and times. A formal Agenda will be firmed up and published as attendees register and secure their timeslots for activities, excursions, etc. Some room preferences, excursions and/or activities may be deleted or replaced based on availability, demand, needs, interest or for other undisclosed reasons (without prior notice to retreat guests, retreat host, activity facilitator, etc).

* Lodging accommodations on the property includes private and shared rooms. Shared rooms have a combination of king, queen, double, single, bunk and bunk-style beds.

* Please understand that selected beds and/or rooms may not be available at the time of your request, even if our site appears to make certain beds and/or rooms available.

* Unless a private room is secured -or- all roommates specifically name each other (with the shared room type being available), QE3 organizers have the sole responsibility of establishing roommate and/or rooming selections.

* No bed or room exchanges allowed, without first being requested and approved. All requests will be considered. We will do our best to honor the requests we can, however, please understand if your request is denied.

* Special diet requirements, allergies, special instructions and/or physical restrictions must be communicated in writing when securing resort retreat seat with the first resort retreat payment. Please understand you must remain vigilant at all times to ensure your sensitivities and/or preferences are honored.

* All workshops, activities, excursions, lodging accommodations, meal, snack & drink selections, transportation services, etc are provided on a first come, first available basis. 

 *This retreat involves individual pre-course work that is highly recommended for optimum aspirations to be achieved. Please turn in coursework and required materials by the required due date(s) and bring to the resort retreat all completed and uncompleted materials.

* This retreat involves a complex mixture of professional assessments, coaching tools, exercises, techniques, discussions, prompts, questioning, and assigned activities custom-designed to bring about individual Whole Being regeneration (i.e. the renewing, restoring and regrowing of core strengths, character strengths & specific skillsets that comprise personal intelligence, resilience and other crucial life management abilities). Resources used are at the complete discretion of the Certified Master Coach. 

Rebirth :: The 2023 QE3 Retreat destination is Lantern Lodge in Blairsville, GA. 

Lantern Lodge is a beautiful luxury mountain resort lodge that is nestled above an amazing valley and has brilliant views of the sun setting over the mountains. Blairsville is home to Brasstown Bald, Georgia's highest peak, and has one of the oldest state parks, Vogel State Park, and is popular during autumn when the Blue Ridge Mountains completely transform into an awe-inspiring blanket of red, yellow and gold leaves. It's less than thirty miles from Helen, GA, which is known for its Germany-inspired villages located in the midst of mountains, forests and rivers. There are many beautiful lakes in the area that is well known for its breathtaking waterfalls, incredible wild life, outdoor living, wineries, antiquing, and local artisans who create everything from fine arts, basketry, pottery, to tasty treats. You can see the mountains of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee from the balconies of the nine bedroom, six bath resort where many weddings have taken place. Lantern Lodge is full of amenities, is nearby to every kind of activity you could desire and is quite well-fitted to host all those who await The QE3 Rebirth Retreat experience.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find: Video Tour of The Lantern Resort Mountain Lodge

Go to for pricing and to secure your seat! 

The QE3 Rebirth Retreat at Lantern Lodge offers this configuration of nine (9) available room + loft areas and six (6) bathrooms:*

                Room Details - Bed Type + Private or Shared                   Bathroom Details - Access & Other Info

Level I:

* Private :: Room has One Queen Bed

 This private bedroom has a full bathroom.

* Shared :: Room has Four Beds - One Queen, One Double, One Bunk-Style Queen (on bottom), One Bunk-style Twin (on top) 

 This shared bedroom has its own full bathroom that it shares with one of the loft spaces.

Level II:

* Private :: Master Suite has One King Bed and Bathroom 

  The private Master Suite has a full bathroom and shares the use of it with one of the Loft spaces (thru a totally separate entrance).

* Private :: Suite has One Queen Bed and Bathroom

 The private Queen Suite has a full bathroom and shares it with one of the Loft spaces. The only access to the Queen bath is thru the Queen Suite.

Level III: 

* Shared :: Room has One King Bed and Two Double Beds

 This shared room has a full bathroom. (One of the loft spaces is accessible thru this bedroom and shares its bathroom.)

Level IV:

* Shared :: Loft Area has Three Single Bunkbeds 

 This shared loft space shares the Master bathroom has its own separate [outside] entrance to the bathroom.

* Shared :: Loft Area has Three Single Bunkbeds

 This shared loft space only has access thru Level III bedroom and shares its bathroom.


* Shared :: Three Beds - One King and Two Single Bunkbeds

 This shared cabin has its own bathroom, as well as a deck, full eat-in kitchen and storage. It is located on the Lantern Lodge property but has its own private entrance.

Rooms Have Limited Availability, First-Come, First-Served. Monthly Payment Plans Currently Available -> BUT Availability Subject To Change Without Prior Notice.

*Go to for retreat pricing and to secure your seat. 

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